Hervey Huerta was born and raised in Del Rio, a border town in Texas, to immigrant parents. Mr. Huerta’s father went through the pain and struggle of trying to immigrate to the United States to make a better life for himself. Once Mr. Huerta’s father succeeded to arrive to the United States he worked in farm fields in Texas picking various fruits and vegetables. Thankfully, both of Mr. Huerta’s parents were able to obtain legal status in 1985.

Mr. Huerta moved to San Antonio, Texas in 2007 and started working at a prominent Immigration Law Firm. In 2010, the firm was voted “Texas Monthly Magazine’s “2014 best Immigration Litigation Law Firm in Texas,” while Mr. Huerta held the position of “Detainee Specialist” overseeing all of the law firms detained cases.

Aside from handling detained cases, Mr. Huerta is knowledgeable in just about every area of Immigration. This knowledge has given Mr. Huerta the ability to renew his father’s Residency and apply for his mother’s Naturalization.

After working seven years in the immigration field in Texas, Hervey made the decision to establish residency in Phoenix, Arizona and continue to work on helping our immigrant community under the Belmonte Law Firm.