Raised in a loving and safe home in Northern Virginia, Mrs. Olivia Porter has always felt a strong desire and responsibility to help other children and families have the chance to do the same. This desire led her to pursue a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Social Work at Brigham Young University. It also motivated her to spend a year and a half learning Spanish and serving the amazing people of Venezuela and Curacao through her church. As part of her studies and volunteer work over the last twenty years, Mrs. Porter has helped children and adults work through the trauma of physical and sexual abuse, divorce, and other life challenges.


Mrs. Porter graduated summa cum laude from Golden Gate University School of Law in San Francisco, California, having received every award her school has for excellence in writing and oral advocacy, including the Scribes American Society of Legal Writers Award. As a law clerk at a non-profit legal organization in Oakland, California, Mrs. Porter helped clients obtain U-Visas and win asylum. It was through this experience that Mrs. Porter discovered she could combine her desire to help children and families with her love of the Spanish language by practicing immigration law.

As the mother of five children, Mrs. Porter understands what family is and what it means. She values family and has dedicated her life to doing whatever she can to keep families together to ensure stability for children and in turn, for our community.

In addition to her work, Mrs. Porter loves reading, traveling, learning new things, listening to loud music of all kinds, and roller skating with her husband and kids. She is authorized to practice law in Arizona and is certified in mediation and arbitration.